Are you ready to find a career in Dental Assisting that you truly love? We have the best dental assisting school around and we just don’t train you for a dental career, but teach valuable life skills also. Everyone of our students has confidence, great work ethics, and what it takes to be the best dental assistant they can be!


This 13-week course prepares students to be proactive and dedicated. The growth our students achieve in the course will help them learn the language of dental assisting. Each of our classes is straightforward and to the point. Our students learn everything including: impressions, crowns, instruments, x-rays and everything else a dental assistant needs to know.

Our classes are limited is size so we can control the learning environment. Our staff then can give personal attention to a smaller class size rather than have limited contact with each student. This in turn helps each student learn and gain confidence.

Choosing a career in dental assisting in the dentistry field offers many different opportunities – the kind you look for from an ideal career. You can polish your skills and experience in our trade school and then perform well in the dental field.

There are many more reasons why it makes sense to think about becoming a Dental Assistant. Why not find out more? Don’t wait… Email or call (301) 674-8969 today!

Dr. Aaron Nicholas