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Dental Assisting – A Day in the Life


As a Dental Assistant your work will vary from day to day. You will be in charge of patient care while helping with many other dental assisting procedures, processing x-rays, obtaining dental records, receiving patients, scheduling, confirming appointments, and more. Most dental offices allow varying hours often during normal business hours Monday through Friday. The best part is, you’ll have a fulfilling job that truly helps others. It’s a fulfilling and exciting career in a nice, professional environment. It’s a job you can feel proud of!   We’ll Train You so you can receive your Certificate of Completion in Dental Assisting in [...]

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Time for a New Dental Assisting Career!


It is time to start a new Dental Assisting career? Check out what our students are saying about the curriculum at the Dental Assistant School of Maryland.   “I attended this school because I wanted local training in a field that was rewarding both personally and financially. I am happy to say that I obtained a good job immediately following graduation. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding profession.”  – Amanda F. “I was thrilled with the outcome of completing my training. The training was great and mostly hands on, rather than just information from a book. It was an awesome [...]

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Career in Dental Assisting – A Truly Satisfying Choice


Are you ready to find a career in Dental Assisting that you truly love? We have the best dental assisting school around and we just don’t train you for a dental career, but teach valuable life skills also. Everyone of our students has confidence, great work ethics, and what it takes to be the best dental assistant they can be!   This 13-week course prepares students to be proactive and dedicated. The growth our students achieve in the course will help them learn the language of dental assisting. Each of our classes is straightforward and to the point. Our students learn [...]

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